Maintenance of Cristalplant
Artifort's Lotus & Low Lotus are made of cristalplant. This is an easy-to-clean composite that needs only a regular wipe with a damp cloth.  In the event of staining, an abrasive sponge and scouring cream will provide perfect results.


Cristalplant requires an easy and quick daily care. It is enough to clean Cristalplant using soap and water or common detergents to remove most of the dirt and stains.

How to prevent damages

The surface is generally strongly resistant against stains and spots; nonetheless aggressive chemical products, such as acetone, trichloroethylene, strong acids or bases are not recommended. After long contact periods, several substances like ink, cosmetics and dyes, may leave colouring agents on the surface. The same may occur as for lit cigarettes.

How to remove persistent stains, scratches and burning rings

Cristalplant is an homogeneous material in all its thickness and depth, thus it can restore its surface original beauty from aggressive agents, such as scratches, burning rings from cigarettes and persistent stains, simply by following these instructions: as for small damages, use an abrasive sponge and a common abrasive detergent to restore the surface. Rub superficially the damaged part down.