At Artifort, the notions of design, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Our goal is to create furniture that will last generations, respecting both the life of the materials and the energy that went into creating them, the designer's intention and vision, and the years of experience in the hands of the people who make each piece. To archieve this and create furniture with a soul that can withstand the vagaries of fashion and complement the human form is no simple task. Yet, we have risen to this challenge, combining elegance with practicality and longevity, for more than a century. 

The pieces that make up the Artifort collection today are not just beautiful to look at, they are also resilient enough to withstand the demands of real life. Equally at ease in domestic and high-traffic spaces, our furniture animates offices, airports and public environments as well as providing comfort and injecting personality into homes around the world. >

We begin with a study of the body, embracing curves and interogating their relationship with structure. Then, we pour hours into studying and developing connections: where wood meets metal, where fabrics meet light, where functionality meets desirability, where ambition meets technology and craft. Many elements of our best-known designs are hand-cast or hand-moulded, with our manufacturing tools created in-house in our family-owned production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. This unique approach helps make Artifort truly flexible both in our ability to respond to client demands and in being able to allow our designers, material specialists and creatives direct access to skilled and passionate makers. > 

Since the 20th-century, Artifort has worked with some of the world's leading designers, who push the boundaries of what is possible with manufacturing to create instantly recognisable and highly coveted furniture. The results have included icons by Kho Liang Ie, Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey D. Harcourt, which are included in the permanent collections of some of the world's most important museums, and this tradition continues today. Our international roster of designers includes Patrick Norguet, Jasper Morrison, Monica Förster, Khodi Feiz, Luca Nichetto, René Holten and many more, ensuring that the current collection will meet the high standards set by their predecessors. 

The result of all this knowledge, talent and commitment is true sustainability. Today, the burden of responsibility in creating any new item is significant - this is why, for us, sustainability is about far more than a story, rubber stamps and official certificates and even about more than furniture that will last. It is also about people, skills and traditions passed down through generations, innovation and progress, and objects that are treasured, which are an indelible part of our lives and our culture.