Artifort and designers. How one and one makes three. For more than eighty years now, Artifort has provided major designers from home and abroad with the room to work on innovative designs. They forge together beauty, functionality and form to create a unity that favourably received throughout the world. The foundations of Artifort were laid by classic icons created by designers such as Kho Liang Ie, Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey D. Harcourt RDI. The current generation of renowned top designers such as Patrick Norguet, Khodi Feiz, René Holten, Monica Förster and many other designers are continuing the Artifort DNA. 

Tej Chauhan

I’m interested in combining the unexpected with the familiar."

Tej Chauhan (1972, London, England) is an award-winning industrial designer known for his emotive, futurist style. Embracing his particular understanding of what makes an object engaging, Chauhan’s work connects people to products and draws attention to brands. He calls his approach Applied Futurism.

Chauhan worked as an independent designer and consultant for many brands like Nokia, British Airways and Tesco. In 2005, he established his own studio (Tej Chauhan Ltd.), which has since gained an international reputation of cutting edge consumer technology and homeware products, including the iconic Colombo Two telephone. Moby is the first furniture piece in Chauhan’s portfolio and his debut for Artifort.