UNStudio - Ben van Berkel

UNStudio practices architecture as a discipline that possesses a wide range of scales and dimensions. Thus, the house, the department store, the railway station, the museum, the temporary installation and the theoretical manifesto are all intricate parts of our oeuvre. In recent years, the sofa, the chair, and the table have become integral parts of that broad architectural palette also. The same enquiring and experimental attitude with which UNStudio approaches architecture is also employed in the designing of products. Product design at UNStudio is not always specifically bound to an architectural project, although designs can be expressions of parallel ideas and concepts. Designing furniture in the classical tradition of the Architect/Designer means that UNStudio’s designs are related to architecture functionally and thematically. UNStudio’s approach to product design is based on the combination of a deep understanding and working knowledge of materials and innovative technology with distinctive spatial design strategies.