Limiting CO2 emissions

Artifort produces all its furniture and parts in its own production locations in Schijndel and Lanaken. Transport of parts and goods of parts is hereby limited. Studies show that furniture producers who produce absolutely everything in the Netherlands / Belgium have a considerably better environmental performance. And by also choosing suppliers regionally or at least within the Netherlands or Western Europe, the CO2 footprint even reduces by 20% to 70%!

In addition, Artifort is constantly reducing its CO2 emissions in its production locations through more efficient machines, LED lighting, roof insulation, environmentally friendly cars and presence sensors. The objective of being gas-free by 2024 also fits in with this policy.

Limiting CO2 emissions has in the past made Artifort decide to carry out various in-house production processes. Foaming is a good example of this.

Artifort uses only certified high-quality foam for foaming. No harmful CFCs are used in production and the foam used has a very long service life. The furniture is foamed into molds. There is (virtually) no residual waste. Any residual foam is returned to the supplier for recycling as insulation material. Artifort furniture can be made of fire-retardant foam that meets the requirements set by The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations.

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