An Orange Slice® was on my wishlist for a long time"

Julia <3 Artifort

'You caught me! Theo the cat is babysitting our youngest son Mick in our new Orange Slice® junior. My boyfriend Jori and I bought a special home in Dordrecht: an old church! Since then, we have been busy renovating the church into our dream home.'

'I grew up in a house full of art and design furniture. I’m a design collector. An Orange Slice® chair was on my wishlist for a long time. Finally I saw the chair live at interior store De Inrichterij last week. I immediately fell in love. But we weren’t able to buy it, because we ordered 4 dining chairs at that time. While vacuuming a day later, I came upstairs and there he was: the Orange Slice junior! Jori secretly bought it, because we wanted the chair so badly. He just forgot to tell me.'

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