Graceful curves.

Product details

Compact sofa with sloping surfaces and graceful curves.

Diva collection
The Diva collection consists of an armchair, a 2-seater and a 2.5-seater sofa.

Seat height
Standard 43 cm.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

Finishes base
Het metal base is finished in powder coat or chrome.

The Diva sofa has been tested and classified according to EN 16139 (level 2 - extreme use).

Design year 2005Design by Boonzaaijer & Spierenburg

Choose from textile or leather. Click on the drop-down menu to select a colour.

Finishes base
Choose from powder coat or chrome. Click on the drop-down menu to select a colour.

Designed by Boonzaaijer & Spierenburg

The duo Karel Boonzaaijer and Dick Spierenburg are known for their designs for products and environments, which are all powerful perspectives. They not only design challenging furniture for Artifort but also for Castelijn, Gelderland, Montis and Pastoe. But whoever they design for, their innovation is always tempered with realism. In their work, user value and feasibility are always closely interwoven.

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