Distinctive corners.

Product details

The Extens cabinet consists of various 18 mm MDF wooden panels connected with aluminum corner elements.

Extens collection
Choose from three cabinet heights: Extens high, Extens medium, or Extens low. Each Extens offers multiple configurations.

Cabinet doors
Choose no, one, or multiple cabinet doors per Extens cabinet. Optionally, a lock can be added to a cabinet door.

Finishes wooden panels
The wooden panels are finished with transparent lacquer, oiled, or coloured lacquer. For a playful effect, the wooden panels within one cabinet can differ in colour.

Finishes aluminium corner profiles
The aluminium corner profiles, base, and handles are finished in powder coat (fine texture). Choice of more than fourty colours.

Design year 2004Design by Khodi Feiz

Does not apply.

Finishes top coat
- Veneer, finished with transparent lacquer.
- Veneer, finished in one of the Artifort oil colours.
- Artifort textured lacquer (multiple colours).

Finishes base, corner profiles, and handles finishing
The aluminum parts are finished in textured powder coat (matte effect).

When applying wooden top layers combined with coated metal in the same colour, Artifort strives to make an optimal selection. However, slight colour variations are inevitable due to the application of the same colour on different materials.

Designed by Khodi Feiz

Khodi Feiz is an industrial designer who was born in Iran and grew up in the USA. A graduate of Syracuse University, he moved to the Netherlands in 1990 to work for Philips Design. In 1998, he founded Feiz Design Studio together with graphic designer Anneko Feiz-van Dorssen, where they specialize in the fields of product design, furniture design, graphic design, and strategic design for companies such as Alessi, Artifort, Herman Miller, Offecct, Nike and Nokia. Feiz's work has received numerous awards and has been featured in exhibitions and publications worldwide. The overriding inspirations for Feiz’s work can be summed up by: Clarity, concept and context. Feiz has developed several project in collaboration with Artifort, including the Extens, Bras and Beso chair family.

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