Iconic table on trumpet base.

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The Clarion family is compromised of dining room tables, conference tables, bistro tables, counter tables and bar tables in a variety of sizes.

Clarion's most striking detail is the metal base, consisting of two archetypal trumpet bases and a steel tube, which together support the tabletop.

Choose from a round, oval or boat-shaped table top and has a rounded milled edge.

Choice of various materials: solid oak wood, plywood with a top layer of oak veneer or laminate Fenix. Or opt for solid core Arpa Fenix of only 12 mm, which provides an extra luxurious look. Click here to see all finishes.

Base is finished in textured powder coat.

Optionally with electric outlets in the Clarion conference table with a boat-shaped table top.

Design year 2019Design by Artifort Design Group

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Click here to see all finishes.

Solid oak wood (30 or 25 mm).
Finishes top coat and edge
Transparant lacquered or oiled.

Plywood tabletop (24 mm) with top coat of oak veneer.
Finishes top coat and edge
Veneer, finished in a standard Artifort oil colour or transparant lacquered. The edge is finished in the same oil colour as the top coat.

Plywood tabletop (24 mm) with top coat of laminate Fenix (Arpa).
Finishes top coat and edge
Laminate Fenix is available in five colours. The edge is finished in transparant lacquer or oil.

Solid core Fenix (Arpa) table top (12 mm).
Finishes top coat and edge
Opt for five colours. Belly milled doubled sided, with matching colour core. The bottom plate of 18 mm MDF is always in black.

Finishes disc base
The base of Clarion is finished in a Artifort textured powder coat colour.

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Designed by Artifort Design Group

For Artifort Design Group, product design is where all Artifort’s core principles meet: creativity, authenticity and a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Artifort Design Group relies on its rich tradition of craftsmanship and technology, which have been inextricably linked since our foundation. Artifort Design Group designs and develops products from an experimental, multidisciplinary point of view, guided by our in-depth knowledge of the market, materials and innovative production techniques. Powered by our in-house design and product departments, Artifort can quickly and flexibly transmute customers’ needs and wishes into bold designs. This perfect harmony of Artis and Fortis – Artifort’s signature – reliably produces innovative, comfortableand functional furniture with a distinctive design language. Aesthetically powerful, durable and of timeless quality.

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