I couldn’t take my eyes off this armchair, even back then"

Désirée <3 Artifort

'When I saw the newly upholstered Orange Slice® in the living room of a friend, the warm memories of my childhood suddenly came up. Friends of my parents used to have one. I couldn’t take my eyes off this armchair, even back then. I enjoyed sitting in the armchair.

After this renewed acquaintance it wasn’t long before I bought mine in a store in Rotterdam. I deliberately chose a striking colour. Yellow is inviting and warm at the same time, and gives you a happy feeling. Exactly what the model itself does to me. In the Orange Slice® you can sit upright, bended, slanted or even slumped .... while you still look elegant. Amazing, right? For me it is absolutely the perfect armchair. I enjoy it every day!'


Désirée is sitting in an Orange Slice® armchair, designed by Pierre Paulin in 1960.

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