Robert-Jan van Beuningen and Richard Beumer.


Returning to the internationally acclaimed furniture fair Salone del Mobile 2023 to further delve into ideas about the future of the sofa, Artifort introduces the new sofa program 'Arris': a sustainable design solution developed with a fresh perspective on design.

Over two years ago, the development of this sofa collection began, which is incredibly comfortable, elegant, and sustainable. Prior to the product launch, Artifort engaged in conversation with designers Richard Beumer and Robert-Jan van Beuningen, both working within the Research & Development team of Artifort Design Group.


Before an Artifort sofa can take a central place in a living room and provide hours of relaxation, it undergoes research into customer needs, production and sustainability insights, numerous sketches, concepts, and prototypes, and ideas take shape through the involvement of various experts.

Richard: "Ensuring environmental responsibility and facilitating a sustainable lifestyle were the primary focuses during the development of Arris. Longevity forms the foundation of sustainable design, which we approached from various angles without making compromises. There's the physical sustainability of a product. There's an emotional aspect: does the design of the sofa possess timelessness and will the sofa capture the heart of the customer? And the ultimate test: is the user content every time he or she uses the sofa? Sustainable living, to me, means being conscious of the qualities of the objects that surround you daily. Furniture is an integral part of our lives, providing comfort in many spaces within the home. In fact, it is possible to form an emotional bond with a piece of furniture. >

When we truly appreciate the qualities of a product, we are more inclined to refurbish it rather than replace it after prolonged use. Good design encourages us to preserve a product for a lifetime. Design and quality are thus inseparably linked to a sustainable product. That was the foundation for Arris."

Robert-Jan adds to the conversation: "Sustainability is a crucial aspect of the development process. The design of a product has a significant impact on its ecological footprint, around 80% of it. During the design and development phase of Arris, we aimed for a strong balance between functionality, design, longevity, and the use of high-quality materials. A product that remains relevant to the user's needs."

Richard continues: "A primary objective was to design a sofa that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Sofas are inherently bulky pieces of furniture, and from a sustainability perspective, we aimed to minimize the material volume while retaining high comfort. The Arris collection is composed of a minimal number of distinct components: the seat, the backrest, arms, and legs. These components are made from high-quality foam, fabric, steel, aluminum and wood. This approach facilitates maintenance and extends the lifecycle of the Arris sofa, allowing for repairs or reupholstering after prolonged use." >
 Components of Arris

Robert-Jan: "Working closely with a team of experts we've achieved this objective in other aspects as well. The upholstery is designed to minimize waste production while maintaining high quality. When creating the collection, we strategically opted for a limited number of modules that offer sufficient choice for customers to meet their needs without overwhelming them with too many options.

The Arris sofa is delivered with detachable legs, reducing the packaging volume by 40% and optimizing logistics to the customer."


Arris is designed with a strong balance between functionality and aesthetics. Robert-Jan adds: "The sofa's comfort has been developed and tested with various types of users in mind to ensure broad appeal. The combination of a rounded, curvaceous armrest and an ingenious seat structure, constructed with varying foam densities, ensures that Arris offers fantastic seating comfort. From well-supported active sitting to fully stretched relaxation."


Artifort Design Group gain inspiration from architectural forms. Richard: "Arris features numerous subtle upholstery details. Where the rounded shapes of the upholstered surfaces converge, the form of the sofa is defined. Even after prolonged use, Arris will maintain its clean lines due to the back cushions being connected at the back." 

The combination of a generous seat with loose back cushions and a slim back panel provides maximum comfort without occupying excessive floor space, making Arris suitable for various living environments, from spacious interiors to compact spaces. Each Arris offers personalization options. Choose from slender or wide armrests, two seat heights, and - in typical Artifort fashion - numerous upholstery choices in both fabric and leather, as well as a selection of 45 powder-coated colours for finishing the legs.

Artifort Design Group  - Development team Arris
FLTR: Kees Tol, Maurits van der Lande, Robert-Jan van Beuningen, Franky Hamers, Feyza Arslan
Serife Alkaya, Annemijn Evers, Nico Janssen, Richard Beumer


For Artifort Design Group, product design is where all Artifort’s core principles meet: creativity, authenticity and a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Artifort Design Group relies on its rich tradition of craftsmanship and technology, which have been inextricably linked since our foundation. Artifort Design Group designs and develops products from an experimental, multidisciplinary point of view, guided by our in-depth knowledge of the market, materials and innovative production techniques. Powered by our in-house design and product departments, Artifort can quickly and flexibly transmute customers’ needs and wishes into bold designs. This perfect harmony of Artis and Fortis – Artifort’s signature – reliably produces innovative, comfortableand functional furniture with a distinctive design language. Aesthetically powerful, durable and of timeless quality.