Meet Frank

In the Artifort collection, anyone who values ​​form and function will find a design that will capture their heart. Forever.
Artifort visited Frank – a true Artifort collector.

Frank has been living in his new apartment in the north of the Netherlands for a few years now. A blank pallet that he could transform into an inviting, comfortable place that radiates tranquility through the Scandinavian accents. Artifort spoke to Frank about his love for design, where he gets his inspiration from and what home means to him.

How would you describe your interior style?
Frank: "I love beautiful design in Scandinavian colours. Think about grey, blue and green, but also beige. I like these colours with my warm oak Clarion table. Warm materials and cool colours form a good contrast and therefore complement each other so beautifully. So yes, I am really from the Scandinavian side. Combined of course with just my own style."

Where do you get your inspiration from?
"For inspiration I mainly go to Instagram where I follow many accounts. The big inspiration platform in my opinion. I hardly look at Pinterest anymore, because I kept seeing the same thing over and over again. I also like to follow Eigen Huis. Magazines. To travel. Vacations. And I love Scandinavia, so that's where it comes from."

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a piece of furniture?
"Good comfort is definitely number one, combined with a distinct design language. A piece of furniture must be special and above all not standard. Sometimes I lean a little more towards an artistic piece of furniture that is not necessarily designed to lounge on, but is very beautiful."

There are many beautiful Artifort designs in your home. What was your first purchase and was it love at first sight?
"My first Artifort purchase was the Shark chair by designer René Holten. I have four chairs around the dining table. The chairs are very dear to me, because I got them as a gift from my grandmother. A very nice and sweet gift if you ask me. The design of the Shark stands out for its distinct design language and great comfort. The high back offers good support between your shoulder blades, so you can dine comfortably for hours. A big difference with the chairs I had before.. I don't want anything else."
And which designs came next?
"I have a lot of beautiful Artifort designs that are currently enriching my interior. The largest piece of furniture is my Artifort Mare sofa with many Bras cushions on it, combined with the Bras Highback armchair and the playful Moby footstool in the sitting area. Next to the sofa are two Balans Mini side tables to place small items on. During dinner parties, guests can sit down at the wooden Clarion table on one of the Shark dining room chairs. In my studyroom there is a Moulin chair with a striking upholstery. I sometimes alternate these with the upholstered Lilla 2.0 stool. All in all a nice Artifort collection. An icon by designer Pierre Paulin will soon be added to the seating area: the Tulip Midi armchair. With this armchair I want to create an extra seat for friends and family when they come to visit. Actually, I was planning to buy Patrick Norguet's Moon armchair, but it was unfortunately too big for the space. Maybe it will be added someday…"

What are you most proud of in your home?
"What I'm most proud of... That my house has become one whole. A quiet place. My place actually. In terms of design, I am most proud of the Bras Highback armchair. The design language and the curves. Yes, I just think the design is super beautiful."

What does "home" mean to you?
"For me, home means a place for myself. When I come home it really feels like home. And of course I think it looks nice. A place where I can receive visitors."