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In the Artifort collection, anyone who values form and function will find a design that will capture their heart. Forever.
Artifort visited Artifort fan Linda - she has a penchant for colourful design.

Together with her partner Bertus and two daughters, Linda lives in a cozy village near Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Linda is self-employed with a passion for interior design. She is busy completely modernizing her 1974 detached house. Soon she hopes to have completed all the projects, so she and her family can enjoy their lovely family home. Artifort spoke to her about her love for colourful interiors, where she gets her inspiration from and what home means to her.

How would you describe your interior design style?
Linda: "I have a very distinct taste when it comes to our interior. I describe it myself as Scandinavian chic and funky. I love colour, design and striking elements. This combination creates individuality and an atmosphere in which we feel very much at home as a family. Even people with a completely different interior design taste feel at home in our house."

Where do you get your inspiration from?
"I get most inspired by the colourful Scandinavian style of living. Almost every year, we go on holiday to Denmark. Then I always bring home a stack of Danish home decoration magazines. Dangerous, because then I see so much inspiration that I can apply to my own interior. I also enjoy a home magazine like Eigen Huis & Interieur. Instagram and Pinterest are also great sources of online inspiration."

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a piece of furniture?
"When it comes to seating, it is definitely the combination of looks and comfort. As far as I am concerned, these cannot be separated. Of course, I too fall for the style of a piece of furniture first. If it does not sit well then it is ultimately a no-go. For other pieces of furniture, of course, this is less relevant. These days, I save a bit longer for real design rather than settle for a cheaper version. I can also really enjoy a designer piece or accessory in my home."
Why did you choose the Moon armchair from the Artifort collection?
"Moon found me. Through Instagram, Artifort and I got in touch. Moon had not yet been launched in the market at the time and Artifort saw a beautiful match of Moon in our interior. And they were right! Moon cannot be overlooked because of its striking design language. Not even in our colourful interior. I love that! In addition, Moon really has a fantastic seat which makes it very popular in our family. Everyone sits comfortably on it and that's what I find so beautiful and special about the Artifort collection!"

What are you most proud of in your home?
"That we have done so much ourselves making the house all our own. And that we have a great time together as a family and separately."

What does 'home' mean to you?
"Without a home, you are nowhere. I think this is my first home where I really feel completely at home. It is very important to me to have a place where I feel safe and comfortable and where I can be myself. Our daughters are growing up in this house and will hopefully later look back on our colourful and warm home with warm feelings."

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