Arris dormeuse - a luxurious lounge experience as a standalone seating element.  

The refined Arris sofa collection welcomes a new addition – the Arris dormeuse. Available in 2.5- and 3-seater versions, the new dormeuse offers a very comfortable lounge experience as a stand-alone, luxury seating element.

Perched high on its beautifully cast aluminum legs and with a wide selection of sofa options, Arris perfectly suits many interiors. A striking feature of Arris is the sublime yet subtle upholstery detail, referencing the architectural forms that have inspired this design.  


For Artifort Design Group, product design is where all Artifort’s core principles meet: creativity, authenticity and a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Artifort Design Group relies on its rich tradition of craftsmanship and technology, which have been inextricably linked since our foundation. Artifort Design Group designs and develops products from an experimental, multidisciplinary point of view, guided by our in-depth knowledge of the market, materials and innovative production techniques. Powered by our in-house design and product departments, Artifort can quickly and flexibly transmute customers’ needs and wishes into bold designs. This perfect harmony of Artis and Fortis – Artifort’s signature – reliably produces innovative, comfortableand functional furniture with a distinctive design language. Aesthetically powerful, durable and of timeless quality.