Artifort Compass tables are simple, elegant wooden sofa companions that enhance seating spaces, adapting naturally to our flexible lifestyles. The sofa is a place for many activities from lounging with a cup of tea and a book, to watching a movie, serving guests, planning a trip, or joining a meeting. Compass tables enhance the comfort of all of these activities, providing the perfect surface for a drink or the perfect position for your laptop.

Artifort spoke to designers Mike & Maaike about their newest design for Artifort. 

In conversation with design studio Mike & Maaike - Maaike Evers and Mike Simonian.



What was your inspiration when designing Compass?

Maaike: "We were inspired imagining the many experiences and activities that revolve around the sofa. Forms and gestures flowed from these visualizations and our sketches started to reveal the distinctive profile that combines comfort with agility and movement. The directional outline and cantilevering form worked perfectly with the need for an off-center support post, essential for moving the surface closer to the user."

Can you tell a bit more about this specific form language?

"The unique compass profile blends a generous circular form with angular sides. This combination allows the Compass to complement a wide variety of sofas and lounge chairs. We immediately liked the unique compass profile in our sketches and models. We were drawn to the playfulness and directionality, we could see it being functional in multiple ways. All the detailing flowed naturally from there, the soft edges are comfortable to hold and accentuate the beautiful solid wood construction. As we and the Artifort team placed our models and prototypes alongside various sofa and lounge settings, we were excited with the results both stylistically and functionally."

Why did you choose the name Compass for this table programme?

Maaike: "The unique profile and the way it works in multiple directions evoked the Compass name. The name “Compass” also reflects the idea of a useful tool that provides direction in a time when leisure and productivity have become more and more blended, guiding us to a place of calm and comfort."

What makes Compass unique?

"Many laptop side-tables look and feel like 'work'. We wanted to create a sofa companion that complements the home or the cozy work lounge while being very functional. The cleverness of this design is in the way it supports ergonomic and functional needs, in combination with its simple elegance and beautiful materiality."

How does your style as a designer match the Artifort DNA?

"We seek strong concepts in our designs which we distill down to their simplest essence. When there is nothing more to add or remove, a product can feel both effortless and powerful - a functional icon that will continue to delight people for many years. In Artifort, we see a long history of creating strong iconic products that stand the test of time. Working with Artifort, we feel a strong connection to this tradition and an excitement to continue this legacy into the future with new ideas and discoveries."

Your first design for Artifort was launched in 2018. What made you collaborate with Artifort again?

Maaike: "When we work with a company or brand, we are motivated by three things: The story of the company, the quality of their products, and most importantly, the personal interactions with the people. In our first collaboration with Artifort on the Terp collection, we found great admiration for Artifort’s history and culture and the Design Direction led so positively by Khodi Feiz and reflected in every interaction. We were delighted by Artifort’s attention to detail in both design and quality of the products, the photography, materials, colors, and presentation at trade events. It was very clear that Artifort designers, engineers, and craftspeople were at the top of their craft and we continue to be delighted by the outcome. We feel fortunate to be able to collaborate again."

What was your toughest challenge when designing the Compass table?

"The biggest challenge was implementing the strength of the cantilever while maintaining visual lightness and simplicity. The Compass concept asks for a thin post positioned at the outer edges of the profile. Through many test models the team struck the right balance of structure and aesthetic elegance."

What is your designers’ favourite finish for Compass in terms of colouring?

Maaike: "The Compass side tables are available in Artifort’s beautiful solid oak finishes and we are very excited that they also come with the option of a Fenix laminate on top of the solid wood surfaces. We really like how this adds durability, a beautiful soft touch feel and a solid color. Mike prefers the design in Natural oiled solid oak and myself, I prefer the Natural oak in combination with one of the Fenix colours, like for instance the Fenix Bianco Kos or Grigio Efeso."