Sustainability is taken seriously at Artifort. From energy saving production processes, use of sustainable materials, a comprehensive recycling program, and the optimization of energy consumption at our production plants, we do our best to contribute to a healthy and clean environment. But one aspect of sustainability, that is overlooked quite often, is the notion of durable products. Through its innovative and original designs Artifort has been producing furniture which not only lasts long but is in high demand for decades, furniture that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Reupholstery at Artifort Shop

To extend the lifespan of your beloved Artifort piece, Artifort has its own full-service reupholstery department, allowing you to refurbish your beloved pieces into ‘as good as new’. Even if your furniture has reached the age of 50, our experienced furniture makers and upholsterers can reupholster your piece, checking it for damage, replenishing the foam and reupholstering it. Contact Artifort Shop for more information about reupholstering possibilities.