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How do you take even better photos with your smartphone?

Five tips from Zilverblauw's Anki Wijnen

Thanks to the development of smartphones with excellent built-in cameras, we no longer need an SLR camera to take beautiful photos. Anki Wijnen shares daily photos of her home on her blog and her Instagram account under the handle Zilverblauw. At the Artifort Fan Day, Anki hosted an inspiration session on how to take stunning photos with your smartphone. Below are Anki's top five tips.

Photos: Anki Wijnen,


Anki Wijnen's top five tips 

  1. Make sure your lens is clean. Wiping it down before you shoot will make a huge difference and will help you take sharper photos.
  2. Ignore the zoom feature. Your smartphone comes with a digital zoom feature, which allows you to blow up the original photo. The problem is, it degrades quality and leads to grainier and blurrier photos. A better option is to crop your photo afterwards.  
  3. Keep your smartphone as steady as possible to prevent camera shake. Try resting your phone against a wall. Keep your arms close to your body and hold your breath as you snap your shot to keep your camera steady.  
  4. Apply the rule of thirds. This is a simple yet effective composition rule that will help you take more interesting photos. Use the grid option to divide your image into a three-by-three grid, making sure to position your subject on one of the grid lines instead of in the centre.  
  5. Edit your photos with an app. A little bit of editing goes a long way. Brighten or darken your image, add contrast, or tweak the colour: editing your photos will help you showcase your signature style. Some great photo editing apps are Lightroom, VSCO, Afterlight, and Camera +.


    For more tips, read Anki's new book Snap! or follow Zilverblauw on Instagram.