the life cycle of our furniture can be extended by reupholstering our furniture. This gives the furniture a second life.
Reuse and re-upholstery

Artifort strives for a circular economy in which materials are reused as much as possible in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions. “We strive to minimize waste during production and after the life cycle of a product”, says Reinier van der Lande (Operations Manager Artifort). In a circular economy, the materials are either returned to nature or they are recycled and reused in the production of new products.

Within Artifort, the circular economy principle is visualized in a number of examples:

Re-upholster furniture

Artifort designs and produces high-quality furniture with a long life cycle. When designing, it is already taken into account that the fabric is not glued to the foam. As a result, the life cycle of our furniture can be extended by refurbishing the furniture. This gives the furniture a second life.

With our Reupholstery department, Artifort focuses on reupholstering and maintaining furniture. This allows us to bear responsibility for a component within the circular economy: the reuse of products and components. With reupholstery we ensure that existing chairs and parts do not end up in the waste, but are reused.

Reuse waste materials

Because Artifort produces to order, it is prevented that materials remain unused. We only order what we use. The materials that remain, such as fabric and leather, are reused as much as possible. Items such as bags, key rings, mouse pads and leather pouches are currently being produced with these residual materials. In addition, new solutions are constantly being sought for the reuse of residual materials.

Within the metal department, residual materials have been kept to a minimum in recent years due to customized purchasing. The minimum residual waste that is generated in the foam department is returned to the supplier for recycling as insulation material. Wood residual waste is shredded and recycled.

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