Artifort uses wood from certified suppliers.
Sustainable materials and products

In the production of its furniture, Artifort uses as many sustainable materials as possible and places high demands on these materials.

Sustainable fabric collection

Artifort uses the fabric collections of various textile manufacturers. These state that fabrics with 30,000 to 40,000 Martindale are suitable for intensive use. In our fabric collection you will only find fabrics with a higher Martindale value. This means that the sustainability of our products is even better guaranteed.

In addition, a large number of commonly used fabrics have the EU Ecolabel or the Ökotex standard 100 label. Products and services with the EU Ecolabel are produced with a lower environmental impact of: raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste and packaging. Ökotex sets indirect requirements for the use of environmentally harmful substances such as heavy metals, harmful dyes and crop protection agents.

Sustainable and certified wood

Artifort strives to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products and services. One of the pillars of this is the maximum use of wood from sustainable forest management. To achieve this, 95% of the timber purchased by Artifort comes from PEFC and FSC certified timber suppliers.


PEFC is a label that guarantees the consumer that the wood or paper originates from sustainably managed forests. PEFC is a worldwide non-profit, independent label for promoting sustainable forest management. The ultimate goal of PEFC is for all forests in the world to be managed in a sustainable way, taking into account social, economic and environmental aspects.


An FSC label or claim on a wood or paper product guarantees that the product comes from responsibly managed forests and / or contributes to the responsible management of our forests. The FSC promotes ecologically suitable, socially correct and economically viable forest management of forests worldwide.

Powder coat

With the powder coating, Artifort offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chrome-plating furniture. The coating used on furniture produced by Artifort meets the limit values for emissions of antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium as stated in EN 71-3. Other benefits of powder coating are:

  • No volatile organic compounds are released during powder coating.
  • No chemical additives are needed in the powder coating process.
  • There is no residual waste due to a win back installation.

NEN standardization

Various of our furniture has already been tested by NEN-EN 16139. This tests the strength, durability and stability of our furniture against European requirements. The models examined all met the high requirements set.

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