Steel finishes

The unified collection of steel finishes enables architects, interior designers and lovers of design to create countless combinations for a timeless, lively interior with a unique identity.

Steel finishes

Powder coat fine texture (matte effect)

  • P10 Black (texture)

    P10 Black (texture)

  • P11 Grey (texture)

    P11 Grey (texture)

  • P13 Aluminum metallic (texture)

    P13 Aluminum metallic (texture)

  • P23 White (texture)

    P23 White (texture)

  • P25 Black brown (texture)

    P25 Black brown (texture)

  • P27 Sepia brown (texture)

    P27 Sepia brown (texture)

  • P29 Agate grey (texture)

    P29 Agate grey (texture)

  • P31 Olive grey (texture)

    P31 Olive grey (texture)

  • P33 Grey beige (texture)

    P33 Grey beige (texture)

  • P35 Honey yellow (texture)

    P35 Honey yellow (texture)

  • P37 Fir green (texture)

    P37 Fir green (texture)

  • P39 Grey blue (texture)

    P39 Grey blue (texture)

  • P41 Black red (texture)

    P41 Black red (texture)

  • P43 Ocean blue (texture)

    P43 Ocean blue (texture)

  • P49 Copper (texture)

    P49 Copper (texture)

  • P53 Tele grey 4 (texture)

    P53 Tele grey 4 (texture)

  • P55 Quartz grey (texture)

    P55 Quartz grey (texture)

  • P57 Black grey (texture)

    P57 Black grey (texture)

  • P59 Azure blue (texture)

    P59 Azure blue (texture)

  • P61 Light pink (texture)

    P61 Light pink (texture)

  • P63 Traffic orange (texture)

    P63 Traffic orange (texture)

  • P65 Purple red (texture)

    P65 Purple red (texture)

  • P67 Chocolate brown (texture)

    P67 Chocolate brown (texture)

  • P69 Orange brown (texture)

    P69 Orange brown (texture)

  • P71 Pink beige (texture)

    P71 Pink beige (texture)

  • P73 Dark blue (texture)

    P73 Dark blue (texture)

  • P75 Pine green (texture)

    P75 Pine green (texture)

  • P77 Pastel green (texture)

    P77 Pastel green (texture)

  • P79 Light ivory (texture)

    P79 Light ivory (texture)

  • P81 Cream white (texture)

    P81 Cream white (texture)

  • P83 Pastel turquoise (texture)

    P83 Pastel turquoise (texture)

  • P85 Slate grey (texture)

    P85 Slate grey (texture)

  • P87 Salmon orange (texture)

    P87 Salmon orange (texture)

Powder coat satin (glossy effect)

  • P03 Black (glossy)

    P03 Black (glossy)

  • P04 White (glossy)

    P04 White (glossy)

  • P05 Signal white (glossy)

    P05 Signal white (glossy)

  • P06 Dark grey metallic (glossy)

    P06 Dark grey metallic (glossy)

  • P08 Aluminum metallic (glossy)

    P08 Aluminum metallic (glossy)

  • P24 Black brown (glossy)

    P24 Black brown (glossy)

  • P26 Sepia brown (glossy)

    P26 Sepia brown (glossy)

  • P28 Agate grey (glossy)

    P28 Agate grey (glossy)

  • P30 Olive grey (glossy)

    P30 Olive grey (glossy)

  • P32 Grey beige (glossy)

    P32 Grey beige (glossy)

  • P34 Honey yellow (glossy)

    P34 Honey yellow (glossy)

  • P36 Capri blue (glossy)

    P36 Capri blue (glossy)

  • P38 Red orange (glossy)

    P38 Red orange (glossy)

  • P40 Traffic red (glossy)

    P40 Traffic red (glossy)

  • P42 Ocean Blue (glossy)

    P42 Ocean Blue (glossy)


  • Chrome


Brushed stainless steel

  • Brushed stainless steel

    Brushed stainless steel

Stainless steel

  • Polished stainless steel

    Polished stainless steel

Polished aluminium

  • Polished aluminum

    Polished aluminum