I spent my entire decorating budgetfor my first apartment 19 years ago on2 Orange Slices that I still love today"

Floris <3 Artifort

"When I was 21 and finished school, I had to decorate my first apartment with a limited budget. I visited many stores, but could not find anything to my liking until I saw these two in a store window. It was love at first sight: 2 orange slices with an exclusive fabric. The next days I kept walking in and out the shop in doubt of buying them. If I did, I would only have 2 pieces of furniture in my apartment as they would cost my entire decorating budget. When I walked in the store for the last time I told the owner my story and he made me an offer I could not refuse. In return, I had to promise that I would NEVER sell the Orange Slices. I bought the chairs and for the next 8 months my apartment was decorated with my old bed from parent's house, a small cabinet from my aunt and a table made of a beer case with a piece of board and two beautiful orange slices. This happened 19 years ago and I have kept my promise and still love my Orange Slices today."

Floris is sitting on an Orange Slice®, designed by Pierre Paulin in 1960.

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