My Theo Ruth chairs and I have the same age!"

Tineke <3 Artifort

"I have 3 chairs by Theo Ruth and they are all equally special to me. I love their timeless designs, beautiful shapes and perfect sit. Each chair has their speciality, the Pinguin chair is a ‘do-chair’ with an active sit, F121 is a sitting chair and F107 is a lounge chair, which lays very comfortably. For every purpose a different chair. The Pinguin and F121 chair where created by Theo Ruth in the birth year of my ex-boyfriend. When he moved out his parental house, he took the Pinguin with him. This chair was, looking back, the foundation of our interior.  We bought the other 2 chairs when we moved in together at a second hand store. We liked having 3 chairs which are about the same age as we are. Despite the different shape of each chair, they have the same look and feel created by one amazing designer. I will keep them in my living room for many more years to come."

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