We revive memories
in our Geoffrey D. Harcourt chairs"

Avelien <3 Artifort

"My grandmother's sister was very special to me. She didn't have any children and my cousin and I often had sleepovers at her house. We were spoiled rotten and always stared our eyes out at her place. She has an eye for design and a contemporary taste and always bought high quality furniture. She had 2 Artifort chairs:  the F591 en F154. My cousin and I loved to spin on these chairs. Now that I work in design as an interior designer, I have come to realise that those chairs aren’t just chairs. They are design classics which were 'random' chairs to me all my life but just now I realise just how special and ahead of time she was! 

Today I have my own Geoffrey D. Harcourt, upholstered with a De Ploeg fabric. We love them very much and they keep the memories alive. Artifort will always be a special brand to me and my cousin (she inherited the original chairs) as revive memories in our chairs."

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