4 generations, 1 Artifort Wave, 1001 memories"

Mirthe <3 Artifort

"It's October 1990, I meet the wave at my modern grandparent's house. Sitting on my grandmother's lap I watch TV with her on the Wave chair. In November 2014, the Wave is handed over to my mother as my grandmother passed away. The Wave is reupholstered and is the centrepiece of our new living room and reminds us about grandma.
At the end of February 2015, my son is born, a new life! With the birth of Melle, grandma's wave enters our new family.In August 2015, Melle is 6 months old and has found his favourite chair. This is the place where we read his bedtime story.
In March 2013 Melle is 15, my mother is 74 and I will be 44 years old. And our Wave? Our wave represents memories of 4 generations for the past 40 years and remains as unique, timeless, comfortable and beautiful as in 1990!"

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