Our Mare sofa combines the taste of two persons without compromising"

Gertjan <3 Artifort

Gertjan: 'When my girlfriend and I bought a new house, we went shopping for a new living room interior. Like many couples, we did not share the same taste in furniture. We both wanted a contemporary look, but I prefer an austere interior which my girlfriend considers uninviting.

Finally we bumped into the Mare sofa by Artifort; stylish, contemporary, yet cosy and warm. We immediately loved it and we still our sofa today. Our Mare sofa combines the taste of 2 persons without compromising and as a result our daughter will be born in 2 months’ time. 

The past months, our grey 2,5 seater has been the perfect lounge place for my pregnant girlfriend. This is where she takes her naps, which allowed me for a time out of all the highs and lows caused by hormones. Thank you Artifort for this amazing sofa, I look forward to many great moment with my girlfriend and daughter.'

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