Arpa Fenix is an innovative material for table tops that is available as HPL or solid core surface. Arpa Fenix has a silky smooth surface with a non-reflective, ultra-matte finish, which provides a beautiful luxurious and minimalistic look. Artifort offers three basic colours and two trendy colours. The colours look refreshing and energetic, and at the same time create a strong unity within any interior. Arpa Fenix is waterproof, stain resistant, acid resistant and does not has a cold hand. The possibilities are endless.

Due to the closed structure, Arpa Fenix is hygienic and easy to clean. The blade does not require any special maintenance. Daily use of a damp cloth with warm water or mild detergents is sufficient. Non-abrasive household cleaners or solvents are recommended for tough stains. In addition, Arpa Fenix has a self-repairing capacity, whereby small superficial scratches can be polished away by means of frictional heat. View the detailed instructions for maintenance and cleaning of your Artifort design here.

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