Solid wood is a natural product and therefore sensitive to flunctuations in sunlight and poor humidity. Poor humidity can cause the wood to shrink or expand, causing it to deform or crack slightly over time. Maintain a relative humidity between 50-60% to minimize the effect of the wood. Side note: The effect of the wood is a natural feature and is therefore not a reason for complaint.

PEFC and FSC supplier
Artifort strives to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products and services. One of the pillars of this is the maximum use of wood from sustainable forest management. To achieve this, 100% of the timber purchased by Artifort comes from PEFC and FSC certified timber suppliers.

Maintenance oil
Parts made of oak are treated in some cases with a coloured oil. This allows different looks to be created while the structure of the oak base material remains visible. The oil used by Artifort (Rubio Monocoat) creates a molecular connection to the base material, resulting in excellent durability and wear-resistance. If desired, you can make use of the set ‘Monocoat Onderhoudspakket Meubels’. Available through monocoatwebshop.

To keep your favorite Artifort design beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend that you regularly wipe the table top with an almost dry cloth. We therefore advise against cleaning it daily with water and mild detergents. A maximum of once every two to four weeks is sufficient. In addition, do not use more than the prescribed dosage of the cleaning agent. Also pay attention to what cleaning agents you use. Avoid harsh cleaning agents and chemicals, such as chlorine and white spirit. When these substances come into contact with the treated surface, very difficult to remove stains will occur.

Wet, hot or cold objects should never be placed directly on the table as this can cause irreparable damage, such as circles. It is therefore recommended to always use coasters.

Maintenance wax
Artifort designs with the oil finish 'Intense black O6' contain a hard wax oil. The wear-resistant matte hard wax requires standard maintenance. Using a damp cloth with mild detergents is sufficient. Scratches on the table top cannot be removed manually. A new wax layer must be applied. We recommend contacting your Artifort partner.

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